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What is it?
A neoprene support to help support sore, weak, injured or arthritic knees and help improve circulation to assist in healing and relieving patellar tendonitis and bursitis and promoting increased joint flexibility.

When can I use it?
This knee support is generally used to help control slight swelling of the knee and can also be used for jogging or brisk walking. Commonly used with knee pain where it is difficult to isolate the area of pain.

However, due to the “closed” nature of this knee support, it is not recommended for daily use if the wearer has to climb stairs or carry out a lot of squatting. This is because it would compress the knee cap against the thigh bone when the knee is bent more than 45o thus increasing the risk of degeneration of the knee cap and increasing pain.

How does it work?
It supports and stabilises injured, weak or arthritic knees during occupational and sporting activities.