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What is it?
An easy to pull on neoprene elbow sleeve for support, therapeutic warmth and elbow pain relief.

When can I use it?
The Elbow Support is ideal for use after elbow fractures and elbow surgery and for relief of pain from elbow arthritis. It helps relieve the pain of epicondylitis (tennis/golfers’ elbow) and other sprains and repetitive strain injuries.

Specific Medical Terms
Epicondylitis: It often occurs after strenuous overuse of the muscles and tendons of the forearm, near the elbow joint. Sufferers may notice pain on the outside of the upper forearm, just below the bend of the elbow.

How does it work?
The neoprene fabric provides a custom fitting compression to the elbow region, giving the user reassurance during activity. The warmth provided by the neoprene support provides therapeutic heating within the tissues by promoting increased local blood flow. This therapeutic warmth and support is often effective in relieving the aches and pains of arthritic conditions and providing relief for elbows that are painful following fractures.